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The KR Music Department needs your help.


The BOE is looking for input from the community regarding the possibility of keeping the Auditorium and Gym at the current KRHS site.

As a music department we feel it is important to keep this facility because the new building will not have an auditorium (the Ohio School Facilities Commission does not provide matching funds for an Auditorium).


Our auditorium, if kept, would be used for performances by the Bands, Choirs, Musicals, Variety Shows and also would be used by the community for community related events.

The Arts are well established and recognized at KR and keeping the auditorium would benefit the future students who will participate in the Arts when we open the new K-12 facility.

If you agree we are asking that you email the new facilities committee to give them input and perspective at and express your support for keeping the Auditorium and Gym in tact at the current KR site.

Thank You! -The Music Department

Email address:

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